Trophies may be created with no base
or with a base of specific shape.
Shapes include simple, fancy or
rounded rectangle or oval.
Custom shapes for bases may be
ordered at additional cost.
We make custom wooden trophies from your design
or from custom artwork we create for your project.

Trophies can be ordered in simple or complex (unique) shapes.

Trophies are divided into size categories (small, medium and
large) with approximate dimensions indicated below.
There is significant variation in dimension by shape.
Larger trophies may be ordered at additional cost.

The prices for trophies include engraving on both sides and on
the base, if applicable.
Engraving may vary from piece to piece to allow for
placements, names, etc.
Woodland Art
by Chris & Liz Terwilliger
Wooden Trophies for Awards, Commemorative Gifts & More!
Trophies can be natural wood color or can have paint added to portions or to
entire sides.
Paint is added to trophies by hand.
Painted trophies are $1 more per trophy per color or section
Please feel free to call or message us with questions about painted medals.
Due to natural variations in the wood, each trophy has a unique look.
Trophies from the same batch will vary slightly in appearance.
I make these custom awards in my basement workshop in Warren Center, PA.
One-Time Set Up Fee
Design Fee (for original art)
To order trophies, contact us or
Woodland Art by Chris & Liz Terwilliger
5667 Jackson Valley Rd
Warren Center, PA 18851
phone/text: 607-857-0814