Woodland Art
by Chris  & Liz Terwilliger
Woodland Art by Chris & Liz Terwilliger
5667 Jackson Valley Rd
Warren Center, PA 18851
email: woodlandart@tspt.biz
phone/text: 607-857-0814
Custom Plaques for Awards and More
These wooden plaques are engraved with your choice of text.
The text can be engraved into the wood surface, the background
can be engraved away resulting in a relief effect or a combination
of styles may be used.

Standard shapes include the following:
Square (8"x8" or 12"x12"), circle (6" or 12" diameter), oval
(9"x12" or 9.25"x18"), octagon (9"x12"), heart (6"x7.5" or
8"x9.5") or tavern (8.25"x14")
All sizes are approximate.

The plaque can be embellished with a simple graphic or a design
from our catalog, for an additional fee.
Contact us to discuss the art you'd like to add.

The plaque can be custom cut.
Custom cut plaques are thinner than the standard plaques.
They are approximately 1/4" thick.
They can be made in two layers for a final thickness of 1/2"
Custom cut plaques can be shaped like letters, can reflect the
shape of a logo, cut in an animal or other form.
Contact us to discuss custom shaped plaques.

Hand painting may be added to plaques for an additional fee.
Contact us to discuss your ideas.

These plaques are individually made.
Natural variations in wood grain and coloring make each slightly
different from the pictures.
Set Up Fee
Design Fee
(for original art)