Custom made wooden magnets are
perfect for awards, gifts and special occasions.
The wood is laser cut and engraved on one side and magnetic backing,
laser cut to fit, is adhered to the back.
Custom Magnets
Magnets can be ordered in
simple shapes (square, circle, diamond, etc) or in
complex (unique) shapes (eagle above and wings on the right).

There is a one-time, $25.00, set up fee for all new orders.
Subsequent orders of the same design
will NOT require payment of the set up fee.
Orders will not be filled until the set up fee is paid.

If you don't have a logo or design in mind for your magnets,
we can create an original design for you.
The design fee begins at $25.00.
Simple shapes natural color: $2.00 each
Approximately 2" tall (ex. circle, oval, pentagon, square, heart)

Unique shapes natural color: $3.00 each
Size varies, depending on the design (ex. states, oars, wings, complex designs)

Larger magnets can be ordered for at additional cost.

Painted Areas: + $1.00 per color per piece

How it Works
Once the set up fee is paid, we lay out the design and send you pictures for approval or suggestions.
Then we create a sample magnet. We send you pictures so you can see how the design will look engraved in the
wood. There is an opportunity to make changes at this point.
Then we fill your order and ship them out to you.
We usually need 2 weeks lead time to complete custom orders.
Lead time varies with ease of communication and order size.
One-Time Set Up Fee
Design Fee
(for original artwork)
Woodland Art
by Chris  & Liz Terwilliger
Woodland Art by Chris & Liz Terwilliger
5667 Jackson Valley Rd
Warren Center, PA 18851
phone/text: 607-857-0814