Woodland Art by Chris Terwilliger
One of a Kind Customized Clipboards
in collaboration with Kevin Godshall
$20.00 each, plus shipping.
*All items are individually made. These items are one of a kind. Due to variations in wood grain and lighting, actual items may vary
slightly from the pictures.*
Woodland Art by Chris Terwilliger
5667 Jackson Valley Rd
Warren Center, PA  18851
Email: woodlandart@tspt.biz
Phone/Text: 607-857-0814
Hours: By Appointment
We can engrave text and/or images onto one of these blank handmade clipboards to your
specifications (front and/or back).
Contact us for pricing and to plan your project.
phone: 607-857-0814
email: woodlandart@tspt.biz
or message us on
Three Bears Design
Laser Engraved Clipboard
This clipboard is approximately
There is only one.
Three Bears custom engraved clipboard, mamma bear and cubs
Laser engraved custom clipboard, three bears, bear cubs